A week in the pearl city of india (Hyderabad).

Hey everyone! How is everything going? It’s almost been a month that i’ve written something for you guys as i was busy in travelling so i was not able to get time for that. This month i have travelled to the pearl city of india that is Hyderabad. Whenever we hear this city’s name the very first two things that comes in our mind is charminar and its world famous hyderabadi biryani, but believe me this city has ton of more things than that. This city is mainly divided into three parts i.e. Main hyderabad,Secunderabad(old city) and newly established Cyberabad(also known as hi tech city, this part is home to various big International companies like google, infosys, Microsoft, qual comm and many other IT firms).

So that was a small description of mine for this city. Now let’s come to the places which i have visited in hyderabad that you can also consider whenever you are planning to go to this city.

1)Sudha car museum – As the name suggest it’s a car museum but not like some ordinary one,this place has a fleet of crazy cars which i can bet you have not seen in your whole life. So down below there are some pictures of weird cars have a look.

World’s largest car
Camera car
Sofa car
Pencil bikes

Let me tell you that these all cars are motorable and whenever there is any event, government calls up the team of this museum to showcase these car to public. It is the brainchild of Mr. K. Sudhakar who has the fame of having a Guinness World Record for creating the largest tricycle and car in the world.

2) The buddha statue– It is situated in the middle of the hussain sagar also known as tank bund. It is the world’s tallest statue which is made from a single rock. The only way to reach this place is through boat. You can take the boat from different points of the lake.

The Buddha statue

You can take a steamer to reach this statue or a speedboat which has a capacity of 4 people. The ticket of steamer is around 50 bucks per person and 200 bucks per speedboat.

3)Birla temple– Another tourist attraction which is a must see place, this temple is built on a hill near the hussain sagar so it has a very mesmirising view from top. Due to Security reason no one is allowed to carry phones or camera that is why i was not able to take any of the photos from here.

4) Chowmahalla palace– It is also known as Nizam’s palace and was also the official residence of nizams of hyderabad while they ruled their state.

Nizam’s living room
Roshan bangla

The palace also has a collection of vintage cars like the Rolls Royce, which were used by the Nizam Kings.

5) Charminar– Now comes the main highlight of this city The charminar it has become a global icon of Hyderabad, listed among the most recognized structures of India. This historical landmark stands high in the sky and every minaret has four stories with a carved ring. There are 149 steps inside the minaret that vacationers can climb in order to get a spectacular view of Hyderabad. There are some really beautiful balconies on the first floor to the delight of a number of tourists.

6) Golconda fortThe fort of Golkonda is known for its magical acoustic system. The highest point of the fort is the “Bala Hissar”, which is located a kilometer away.It is believed that there is a secret underground tunnel that leads from the “Durbar Hall” and ends in one of the palaces at the foot of the hill. The Golkonda Fort used to have a vault where once the famous Koh-i-Noor diamond was stored.

7) Ramoji film city– It is the largest integrated film city in Telangana and has been certified by the Guinness World Records as the largest studio complex in the world. It was built by Telugu film producer Ramoji Rao in 1996.

This place is very far from the main city, around 80 km. So if you want to go there a complete day is required, you can reach there by a private cab or you can book your trip from some travel agency. The ticket for this place is around 1250 per person, as soon as you enter there is a complete facility of bus service from one point to another. This Property is spread around in 1600 acres so it will be impossible to go to all spots without a vehicle that is why they have provided this bus service.Once you reach the inside the film city a open bus will pick you up with a guide who will show you different movie sets.

After that there are many live shows which you can enjoy according to their timings. Trust me after watching these shows you’ll feel like all the money which you have spent was worth it.

Inspite of the places visited mentioned above i have done a lot more things like I have got a chance to eat a very famous dish called haleem made from Chicken and mutton. It’s the speciallity of hyderabad and it is only available in the month of Ramzan. I have also tasted the hyderabadi biryani of paradise which is considered to be world famous, also visited Chutneys restaurant for some south indian, eaten masqati ice cream and visited this shop named Ram ki bandi this place is very famous, the owner of this shop use to have hawker at the corner of the road but after sometime his shop got so much famous that he had opened many stores in different locality in hyderabad.

So that was my small review about this city. Hope you guys like it, Drop a like if you find this blog useful.

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