5 hacks to find cheap air fares.

Travel doesn’t have to be expensive, but airline ticket often are.Many a time people find it difficult to get cheap fares of flights. So today i am going to tell you how to book flight at low rates. Below are some of my hacks to find cheap flight tickets.

1. Don’t book on weekends – It is often said that the fares of flights are higher during weekends as compared to weekdays. Friday is the day when the prices are at its peak, so don’t even think about to book tickets on this day instead of that try to purchase tickets on Tuesday which is considered to be the most effective day to buy tickets at low rates.

2. Always open incognito mode– Have you ever noticed that each time you search for the same flight, the fare prices increases in your web browser? Well that happens due to the cookies in your browser. The website increases the fare after repeated search, so that you book your flight then and there. You begin to think that prices will rise further. Hence i’ll suggest that whenever you are searching for flights, do it in the incognito mode.

3. Click on one way ticket first– when booking a trip most people look for a round trip ticket to save their time and for less chaos and that’s where they go wrong. Booking a round trip ticket may be convenient but it will cost you a lot more than it should be. At the time of booking your flights try to check the fare for one way ticket or choose different Airlines to book tickets of both the sides.

4. Make use of flight points– if you’re frequent flyer of a particular airline, you certainly earn air miles points as part of the loyalty program offered by the airline. Most of us book flights depending on who gives us the cheapest fare. However if you have a frequent flyer program, you will actually end up saving more. You can always redeem the accumulated points for your next trip.

5. Booking the flights in midnight– If you’re a night owl, then this hack is for you. According to research if you book your flight tickets at midnight chances are you can get cheaper air fares, but this is not available throughout the week, this trick mostly works on weekays that is Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. So if you want low fares then stay awake and save more.

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